Joni Daniels is a highly experienced organizational and leadership development consultant and management trainer. Joni has distinguished herself nationally by providing practical solutions to clients’ needs focusing on organization and professional change and the efficient implementation of strategies and skills where performance is maximized and engagement is enhanced.

Joni Daniels understands the key issues organizations face in working to motivate, develop, educate and inspire employees. Utilizing her corporate and consultant experience she assists clients in realizing the benefits of increased efficiency, empowerment and productivity that translate to profitability, success and satisfaction.

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…with the focus on problem definition, strategy creation, skill development, plan implementation and results.

Speaking – Joni possesses a wealth of experience from which to draw and develop targeted, relevant presentations to audiences at all organizational levels and at all stages of personal, professional and management development.

Facilitating – Guiding the process and keeping the discussion focused, on track and on time, Joni offers structure, an impartial perspective, and expert feedback, and ensures that all participants are able to interact constructively. The goal is to help participants focus on the issues, build a common vision and commit to the actions that will bring that vision into reality.

Training – Experienced in designing programs, projects and processes that meet the specific objectives of clients, Joni develops, designs, and conducts programs in areas such as change management, leadership and team development, persuasive presentations, communication, motivation and empowerment in professionals.

Consulting – Strategic consulting services and project management work can include training programs, and group facilitation. Projects evolve from a client’s objective, an organizational directive, or as the result of providing a training program. Projects are designed with the outcome always in mind

1:1 Guided Execution – A collaborative effort to mobilize aptitudes and resources the client already possesses or may need to learn, but may not know how to apply most effectively.  The objective is to hone self-awareness and situational savvy and then provide confidential advice, collaborative strategy creation, skill development and feedback as the abilities adapt to real-time, real-life leadership or professional challenges.

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When managers are not happy with employee performance, they often provide improvement feedback, advising the employee what they want to see. Sometimes it’s general: I want to see an improvement in your communication You need to improve your relationships with the finance department. I’d like to see more employee engagement. […]

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