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Battle Better

Unless you work with people who were raised exactly as you were raised, went to your school, and had the same financial advantages or disadvantages you did – there are going to be areas where you think differently and have different perspectives and ideas. That can lead to friction.

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Will You Fight of Take Flight?

We all have an internal sense that there is a binary choice when confronted with a threat or an uncomfortable situation. This is known as the fight or flight response. When feeling threatened by people or things that create a sense of danger, we choose to fight and take on the threat or depart – to live another day.

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Are They Laughing?

The use of humor is especially tricky. Humor can unlock an audience’s receptivity. It grabs people’s attention. Touching the heart, the funny bone and the brain improves the likelihood that your message will be more effectively delivered. But if you have to point out that you were ‘just kidding” or ‘being sarcastic’ – then your joke has missed the mark.

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Keep Your Focus on the Boss’s Lack of Focus

When you want to talk with your boss about something that is important to you, do you sometimes get the feeling that they just wish you’d stop talking?! Sure you’ve gotten on their calendar and are eager to have a challenging exchange on a topic that is important to you, it doesn’t seem like it’s all that interesting to your boss.

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Small Talk = Big Impression

Small talk, cocktail chatter, kibitzing – it’s the communication basic for professional networking. A lot of people confess that they are not very good at it.

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Time Tunnel – 2013

My older-younger brother reminded me that he and our younger brother used to watch and then ‘play’ Time Tunnel when they were little boys. A 1966 science fiction series on ABC that lasted only one season (but had 30 episodes) it starred James Darren and Robert Colbert as Tony and […]

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Ask to Be Safe

In preparation for a recent presentation  I met with the facilities manager at the site and got a tour of the building. When I asked about the emergency exits, her face lit up! “In all of my years working here, no one has ever asked me that question!” she said. […]

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I was asked today by a program participant –  “What should I do when I’m making a presentation and the executives in the room are texting and reading their messages?” If you’ve been in a training program that I’ve conducted, you’ve heard me ask people to put away the phones […]

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All Roles Matter

I recently moderated a panel on diversity and inclusion. The people who spoke before me all talked about why this topic was critical to the success of the organization, why we were addressing it now, and their own professional take on both the topic and their role in making the […]

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My Two Cents

If someone goes to the trouble of asking you for your advice, they probably want to know what you really think. It’s true that there are people who want you to tell them what they want to hear (“Do I look fat in these jeans?”) but coddling is rarely asked […]

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