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I’ve Fallen – And No One Looks Up!

I was walking along a familiar and crowded route recently when I fell. I can’t tell you why I thought there was one more step though I could easily blame it on my glasses. I usually wear contacts but opted for my trifocals instead. I was not listening to music, gazing at a smartphone screen or talking to the person I was with. I was just walking.

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Can You Disagree Without Being Disagreeable?

We seem to be ready to go to opposite corners these days. Managing conflict well requires a set of skills. How the issue is handled is often more critical than the issue itself. Learning how to speak your mind requires a clear set of some rules of engagement. No hitting, no spitting, no threats of bodily harm! You don’t have to pick up your ‘bat and ball’ and vow never to return. We all can manage friction better with some clear guidelines.

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Battle Better

Unless you work with people who were raised exactly as you were raised, went to your school, and had the same financial advantages or disadvantages you did – there are going to be areas where you think differently and have different perspectives and ideas. That can lead to friction.

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LOL: An Essential Skill

Do you have a good sense of humor? Most people think they do. But if you are feeling more stressed than usual these days, you may have to reexamine your answer.

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Energy and Focus: Where It Went and How to Get it Back

I’ve noticed that folks are having a challenging time keeping a focus on work. Not only has the workplace become a more demanding and complex place, there has been an increase in consumer/client expectations. The results are that the workplace is more multifaceted, changing, and faster paced than ever before. […]

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How to Stay Upbeat

Happiness feels better than anger or depression. There are studies that actually measure the positive effect an upbeat attitude can have on the bottom line. There is research that suggests that being happy at work can improve revenue, employee engagement and retention, customer loyalty, and even creativity. I don’t advocate acting as if a bad situation isn’t happening but I do think it makes sense to focus on what you CAN do, what you are good at doing, and what brings joy into your life.

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Will You Fight of Take Flight?

We all have an internal sense that there is a binary choice when confronted with a threat or an uncomfortable situation. This is known as the fight or flight response. When feeling threatened by people or things that create a sense of danger, we choose to fight and take on the threat or depart – to live another day.

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What Do Stress Hardy People Do?

There are ways to make yourself more ‘stress-hardy’ so that you develop the resiliency to manage stress more effectively. While the following strategies may not be intuitive, these are approaches that can help alleviate feelings of pressure and tension and can be learned and practiced until you become a Master.

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Maintaining Focus

How can you maintain and foster a healthy workplace for your employees in today’s world of a two second focus?

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The Job Should Fit

Few of us can wear clothes off the rack and have them look like they were custom made for us. And so it is with jobs. There are few (if any) perfect fits when it comes to employment.

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