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I’ve Fallen – And No One Looks Up!

I was walking along a familiar and crowded route recently when I fell. I can’t tell you why I thought there was one more step though I could easily blame it on my glasses. I usually wear contacts but opted for my trifocals instead. I was not listening to music, gazing at a smartphone screen or talking to the person I was with. I was just walking.

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Caffeinated Conversations

Clients, friends, colleagues, the folks that follow me on Twitter (JoniD) or connect with me on LinkedIn all know that I’m a coffee lover. I’ll rarely turn down the chance to meet over a cup of caffeine.

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Not Everyone Does It

Self Discipline: Doing what needs to be done instead of what you want to do. It’s not all that fun and most of us don’t want to do it. Why? For one thing, self-discipline is hard work. It’s so much easier to ‘shoot from the hip’ or ‘do what you […]

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Are You a Royal Pain?!

For better or worse, behavior sends a message and some leaders have a blind spot when it comes to understanding how things look.

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Writing Ideas

Someone asked me this week where I come up with ideas to write about for my blog posts and articles. I told them that I usually find that my ideas come from external stimulation: a conversation, reading an article, watching television, or listening to a client. There are times however when I come up empty.

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Got Snow? Got a Book

There is a snow storm (now called a snow event) coming and the newscasts are filled with reporters out on the streets and in the grocery stores.

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So Bad It’s Funny

I recently had dinner in Chinatown in New York City. I made sure to check the reviews on Trip Advisor and Yelp and everyone seemed to rave about the food. When I scroll through reviews, I tend to focus on the most recent comments and I look for trends. Anyone […]

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Boss’s Pet

I was coming to the close of a multi-session leadership development program for managers.  The span of experience in the room was a challenge:  some participants had never had any management training before; some told me that it was a refresher but based on the questions they asked it seemed […]

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Do They Run for the Exit?

I read an article on LinkedIn this week about things a manager could do (probably does do) that causes top talent to leave. While the article talks about neuroscience, it echoes basic motivational theory I talk about in management training programs. Whether we are talking about stress chemicals released due […]

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Talk and Trust

The London Olympics will be starting soon. When I was growing up, during the Olympics (summer AND Winter games), the TV as on from the beginning of the opening ceremonies to the moment the Olympic Flame was extinguished. While we were not allowed to watch the games during any meals, […]

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