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Competing for Air Time

Competing for air-time is a professional sport. We compete to get our ideas heard, to win the argument, and to clarify our points. More often than not, people interrupt each other to maximize their air-time. (Presidential debates aside!)

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Choice: Freedom from ‘Oughts’

We’ve all seen people make hard choices. They make their choices and then live with them. Yet, there is always some bit of residual guilt, as if their choice wasn’t really what they should do.

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Affirm or Develop: Both Can Work

I received a few emails last week to let me know that the Baltimore Business Journal had re-published an article I had written for them in March of this year. I was delighted and curious. I understood their logic perfectly. In hosting the annual Enterprising Women’s breakfast, they published a […]

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Read it & Sigh

I tend not to jump on bandwagons. I keep up and make sure I know what people are talking about. I read reviews and blogs and listen to the opinions of the famous and the not famous who are in my social and professional sphere of influence. The truth is […]

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Race ya!

Early in my consulting career, I met with a prospective client whose industry had very few women employed in it at the time. We hit it off and he said something that has stuck with me since those early days. “I’ve noticed an odd 80/20 rule when it comes to […]

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Rhetoric vs Reality

I’ve been making presentations on the topic of work-life integration for a while now. The women I talk to are in search of the magic combination that will unlock the padlock to happy success.  They are eager to find the life where there is no push-pull between work and home.  […]

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Don’t Ask = Can’t Get

The art of negotiation involves a specialized set of communication skills. There is an agenda with an objective. Sometimes there are many objectives. There can even be hidden agendas. But overall, study after study points to findings that reveal that men take the opportunity negotiate more than women. (Up to […]

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Rules for Improvisation Work at Work

I recently read Tina Fey’s book BosssyPants. Not exactly a memoir, it traces her life from growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, to college, to Chicago’s Second City impov group, to SNL, to 30 Rock. It’s funny, witty, introspective, and self-deprecating. But this isn’t a book review. To see […]

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Ladies – It’s Not Enough

We’re coming to the end of Women’s History Month.  I’ve been reading two kinds of articles: the ones that celebrate women’s accomplishments and the ones that bemoan how far women still have to go to gain equity. Don’t get me wrong. I love the articles that highlight the accomplishments. It […]

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