An upbeat, motivational keynote, presentation or workshop for women at any personal or professional level who want to tap into their own potential.

Many people already possess tremendous power they are not effectively plugging into. Able to utilize a skill in one situation, they find themselves powerless in another. Once people understand the interpersonal “power tools” they possess, they can discover ways to successfully transfer their power to a variety of other situations. In the Power Tools for Women® workshops, women can attain more personal and professional power by tapping into the metaphor of the tool kit. This energetic program helps participants discover and identify key power skills, learn how to transfer them from situation to situation, and how to master and manage them in emergencies. Participants will examine how to react to anticipated and unexpected circumstances, and learn to develop approaches with a new and more powerful outlook, increasing the chances of a desired outcome. Plug into greater success by learning how to power up your life.

Power up the ability to attain personal satisfaction and professional success for you or your employees.

Joni’s presentation on “Power Tools for Women” for the 2012 AIPLA Women in IP event that we hosted was engaging, interactive and inspiring. We continue to receive accolades and clearly, Joni was instrumental to the success of our event!
— Debbie Pavlik, Marketing Manager, Invotex Group

Joni Daniels brings to life her popular Power Tools for Women in a most engaging, provocative way with just the perfect balance of real life experiences and levity. Women at home and at work can infuse their daily lives with this transformational approach and create their own opportunities. Joni Daniels embodies the use of Power Tools for Women as her presentation is a living example of visioning the success each of us can realize. Joni Daniels has done her alma mater SUNY Oswego proud!
— Kerry Dorsey, Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations, SUNY Oswego

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Power Tools for Women®: Plugging into the Essential Skills for Work and Life

Drawing from her popular Power Tools for Women® training workshops and presentations, management consultant, trainer and author Joni Daniels teaches women how to be personally and professionally more effective at work, at home, and in the community.

In the Power Tools for Women® workshops, women can attain more personal and professional power by tapping into the metaphor of the tool kit. Too few women grow up wielding power tools and enjoying that sense of accomplishment and self-sufficiency they impart. Power Tools for Women® helps participants use the same set of skills no matter where they are, to be more successful.

What’s in the Tool Box?

  • The Toolbox: PortablePower
  • What to Pack
  • The Safety Goggles: Creating Your Vision of Success
  • The Electrical Sensor: Following Your Intuition
  • The Demolition Hammer: Breaking the Rules
  • The Tape Measure: Learning to Set Limits
  • The Power Saw: Cutting Away the Relationships that Hold You Back
  • The Power Drill: Getting the Right Information
  • The Soldering Iron: Making and Maintaining Connections
  • The Power Sander: Using Your Schmoozing
  • The Battery Pack with Recharger: Replenishing Your Energy
  • The Voltage Meter: Getting Accurate Feedback
  • Duct Tape: Planning for Plan B
  • Get a Grip: Use Your Tools
  • Mastery: Nailing It Down
  • Index: Self-Assessment

Take the Self-Assessment

Wondering what chapter to read first or what tool you are most in need of grabbing? Download and take this easy Power Tool Self-Assessment to learn how to start plugging in! Download Power Tool Self-Assessment

Named one of the best new business books of March 2002 by The Business Reader Review, as well as making the Business Bestseller List for Power Tools for Women® is the right tool for women juggling work/life responsibilities, reentering the job market, or striving to achieve their goals.

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