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Affirm or Develop: Both Can Work

I received a few emails last week to let me know that the Baltimore Business Journal had re-published an article I had written for them in March of this year. I was delighted and curious.

I understood their logic perfectly. In hosting the annual Enterprising Women’s breakfast, they published a corresponding supplement focusing on women’s business and women’s issues. My article Bossy is Another B-Word that Women Should Ignore , which I had written after Cheryl Sandburg’s book Lean In had come out, was a good fit.

I was pleased because I enjoy my affiliation with the BBJ. They are terrific folks who put out an excellent newspaper. I started reading the Baltimore Business Journal prior to my move here nine years ago to help me develop an awareness of the business landscape in the region and they have supported my efforts as I’ve developed my consulting practice. And I was also pleased because it’s great visibility for me.

I was also curious; did the article hold up? Granted, I wrote in it March and it’s not August; a few months isn’t a lot of time. But I frequently update training programs and presentations to reflect my current thinking, recent learning, weaving through more up-to-date information. Sometimes my thinking evolves and my ideas and my opinions shift.

As I read through the article, I found myself thinking that while I could probably expand on the topic or come up with a few more B-words, the truth is, it still reflected my thinking. I tend to be concise due to editors who have space constraints. Even those that don’t have a specific word count in mind prefer succinct writing.

It made me wonder: when you review previous work and compare it to you current thinking – does it hold up?

While politicians and the media can play the game of ‘gotcha’ when public figures shift position, most people find that with new information, reflection, new experiences, and the passing of time, outlooks can shift.

It’s not always easy to be open to changing your own view. I encourage you to review some of the things you have written in the past and see if those ideas still ring true today. Do they reflect your current thinking?

If it does, it can be affirming.

If it doesn’t, chalk it up to development.

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