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Blog: Power Tools - Powerful Results

  • What New Leaders Need

    Maybe no one says it out loud but when an organization hires a New Leader, expectations are high. Sadly, studies indicate that 60% of new leaders fail within 18 months of taking their jobs. I’ve observed that New Leaders respond… Read More

  • Getting Recognition Right

    When my son was little and we went out to run errands together, I kept up a constant stream of ‘atta boy’ chatter – just like his little league coach. “Great job helping me with the cereals Alex. You always… Read More

  • I Want To But I Haven’t — Yet

    I recognized a description in a novel of a character that reminded me of a few people I run across: “Just about anything you haven’t done in life you were totally planning to do – you just haven’t done it… Read More

  • The Secret of Success Might Be Curiosity

    It has been said the ‘curiosity killed the cat.’ So I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when participants in recent training programs, while instructed to ask questions in an interactive exercise, stated that they didn’t want to appear intrusive;… Read More

  • Super Bowl Fans Are Like Your Fans

    In the Super Bowl, arguably the largest sports show around, with an estimated 110 million viewers a lot of thought goes into the individual fan experience. Whether you are a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles or the New England Patriots ,… Read More

  • – Time to Be Better

    I realized it was time to revamp and refresh my website. I thought about what I wanted to communicate to those who know me and those who don’t know me yet – the people who land on Websites are… Read More

  • Are You Too Late? Ask Most CEO’s this simple question…

    Ask most CEO’s what the big issue is for 2018 and they’ll tell you that it’s talent management. Everyone knows that it’s important. Many organizations have a Director of Talent Management or have an entire department dedicated to it. Everyone… Read More

  • Need A Match

    Since 1989, I’ve been hired by a client or two to conduct a program on Stress Management during the last couple of months of the year.  It might be for an accounting firm because the managing partner wants to provide the staff with strategies… Read More

  • Crush a Culture of Misconduct

    The recent workplace scandals seem to have jumped onto the front pages with a great deal of fanfare. Many long held secrets are secrets no longer.  After the requisite heads roll and people are fired or suspended and an investigation… Read More

  • Drive with a Coach or a Consultant?

    Many professionals use the terms “Coach” and “Consultant” interchangeably, I don’t. So I always pause before I answer when someone asks me if I’m a Coach. People aren’t all that interested in what I think the difference is; they just want to know if I can help them. Definitions of Coaching and Consulting aren’t really set in stone. In fact, in the corporate environment thy often overlap. The difference however is significant and important to understand. Once I learn more about what a potential client is seeking, we can then determine if it makes sense to move forward and work together.