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Boot Camp II Graduation Day

The last session of the 6 session Supervisory Boot Camp was today. The participants really did great work. So many learned:

– the value of planning and thinking about what motivates their employees
– delegation and really “managing those monkeys
– effective communication, never stop communicating
– asking questions first, learn about how they see things, what they want, what they expect
– focusing on the goals and objectives of the organization
– not focusing on the little interpersonal dramas that distract people from what need to be going
– to stay Adult and expect others to be Adult

A few found that they have a lot more to learn. Some discovered that they are not as good at managing other as they though. Several have really terrible and unprofessional bosses – I heard some really bad stories.

It is heartening to hear that they tried to do things differently back on the job between sessions and many experienced successful results. And were too surprised. Why would I suggest that they try things that wouldn’t work??!! And they were surprised that they had fun during the sessions!

I hope it sticks. Not all of it will. The real world crashes in and other things become more important; no one checks to see if they are still using the things they learned.

But if a few things do, they will be more effective, mores empowered and more successful. That would be so great.

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