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Case Studies


Challenge: A new roundtable for female CEO’s of Start-up companies that meets the diverse needs of its members

Results: Created an ongoing community of executive leaders in the technology sector, providing support, resources, education and networking opportunities

Challenge: A new initiative kick off planning session involving a wide variety of members with competing visions

Results: The group created a unifying vision with strategic next-steps, creating the first-of-its-kind organization in the state, with goals to be a national model for replication

Challenge: Annual Executive Leadership strategic planning session required actionable outcomes and buy-in from all members

Results: All members agreed to strategic goals and defined role clarity for specific objectives.


Higher Education

Challenge: Unmotivated senior leader is impairing their professional standing and damaging executive relationships

Results: Vastly improved relationships with executive team, leading to a position on a highly coveted project team, job satisfaction, and effectively salvaging a valuable employee for the organization.


Challenge: Newly hired executive staff requested ongoing support in challenges of inheriting a new team

Results: Accelerated acclimation allowed the executive to assess the team, conduct an effective ‘listening tour,’ Vision statement, Mission statement, and team cohesion.


Legal Organization

Challenge:  A request for a customized program on behavioral interviewing skills for management and executive staff, integrating a variety of content for mandated but unwelcome training.

Results: Highly ranked program deemed valuable and worthwhile, leading to repeat offerings for several years.

Challenge: Supervisory staff lacking basic skills and range in experience from new-to-the-position to over 25 years of experience.

Results: Designed, developed and conducted a customized program that covered basic supervisory skills and specific topical content particular to the organization, resulting in observable improvement in supervisory effectiveness and satisfaction.



Financial Services

Challenge: Poor communication within the office, creating dissatisfaction at all organizational levels.Results: One-on-One interviews followed by a facilitated conversation, and some individual support. The client reports an effective shift in team’s interpersonal dynamics.

Challenge: Executives requested a cultural assessment to determine issues preventing employee satisfaction.

Results: Conducted detailed interviews and presented multiple options and strategies for management consideration to address issues.



Financial Services
Challenge: Annual meeting of all executive staff in a division of the organization requested a presentation to leaders on a topic where skills are lacking.

Results: Well attended presentation delivered, resulting in high marks on evaluations.

Challenge: Annual conference of management staff requested a program to combine content and motivation

Results: Presentation resulted in requests to return and present the same program to other conference members and add an additional topic for another session.