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  • Closing and Opening

    It’s that time of year again. 2021 is coming to a close and if you haven’t started planning for 2022 already, it’s time to give it some thought. Taking the time to think about this past year, get some closure,… Read More

  • Hide & Seek

    Hide and Seek can be fun to play but it isn’t any fun at all if you don’t even know you are IN the game! A colleague told me they discovered a problem with a sub-contractor and reached out to… Read More

  • Who is Happy?

    Evaluating job satisfaction is not something that people usually do. Then came Covid-19 and suddenly we were all faced with a major life event (and at the same time!). Many of us  reassessed what we felt and how we thought – about our work and our… Read More

  • Putting Out Fires

    I have been reading articles about how firefighters actually fight wildfires. What I have learned is that the basic techniques have not changed all that much in all the years people have been fighting them. With climate change creating a… Read More

  • What Should We Do Now?

    Uncertainty is not easy for employees and it’s a big challenge for leaders. Like moving through molasses, everything is harder. Decisions are put off, resources are hoarded, and personal agendas often dominate. It’s during times of uncertainty that call on… Read More

  • The Most Important Post-Pandemic Management Skill

    In the ‘old days‘ (Pre Covid-19) managers were often chosen and promoted on their ability to obtain goals and objectives and manage and evaluate the performance of employees who could fulfill a set of tasks.  Organizations often focused on hiring… Read More

  • Masks Don’t Require a Fight

    I was out the other day and overheard a couple talking loudly (AKA arguing) He: The Governor says we don’t have to wear masks. She: The owner of the restaurant doesn’t care about what the governor says. He won’t let us… Read More

  • How to Make a Waterfall Reverse Course

    If you feel as if you have been swept up in events that are out of your control over the last 15 months, you are in good company. While there are many signs that we are coming out of the… Read More

  • Perk Up Your Ears!

    This past year has managed to shine a light on our relationships, especially those at work. The Covid pandemic has had the potential to both bring us together and drive us apart. How well we have managed our work relationships… Read More

  • Women on Corporate Boards – Worth Your Effort?

    March is Women’s History Month. I’m betting you will see plenty of articles about the (continuing) dearth of women on Corporate Boards, why it’s good for companies to have more women on their Boards and then asking why don’t corporations have more… Read More