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  • Don’t Go Out Without Lipstick

    When I was a young adult my mom used to say “Never go out without lipstick.” What she meant was that since no one knows who they might run across while they were out and about, you should always look… Read More

  • Stop Ignoring the Clues in Effective Communication

    Do you receive all of the communication that is being sent your way? I’ve begun to feel like a traffic cop in my work as I ask – and then tell people – to slow down at work. The pace… Read More

  • I am Busy – I Mean Important

    Something has changed. When people ask me how I am, I usually respond with ‘good.’  Sometimes ‘great.’ Lately, however, when I ask people how they are, I don’t hear ‘good,’ or ‘great,’ or even ‘fine.’ The answer always seems to… Read More

  • When the Job Doesn’t Fit

    Most clothes off the rack are not a perfect fit. Some brands fit better than others. Some sizes are aligned closer to your actual body. If you want something tailor-made – it will require an actual tailor. Most jobs are… Read More

  • Give Up The Fantasy (Part 2)

    How to Find Job Satisfaction There is no shortage of behavioral directives. Whether it comes from your boss, the CEO, or the popular blogs or article that just landed in your email inbox. “Be a better leader.” “Communicate more effectively.”… Read More

  • Give Up The Fantasy (Part 1)

    You can accomplish anything you put your mind to! Have you been told that? Most of us are sold on a wonderful future reality where we get what we want. Eventually, we grow up and give up the fantasy job…. Read More

  • To Go Or Not To Go (To HR With A Complaint) – That Is The Question

    Since the start of the year, a few clients have asked for support and problem solving ideas because employees are going straight to Human Resources to complain and file complaints about the actions of others. They may have thought “I’m upset… Read More

  • #MeToo Physics 101

    The #Metoo movement has had an impact on the public consciousness, generating widespread awareness of the problem of sexual harassment in the workplace. There is now a larger platform for sympathy and comfort for targets of sexual misconduct. Encouraged by the increase… Read More

  • Getting Recognition Right

    When my son was little and we went out to run errands together, I kept up a constant stream of ‘atta boy’ chatter – just like his little league coach. “Great job helping me with the cereals Alex. You always… Read More

  • Super Bowl Fans Are Like Your Fans

    In the Super Bowl, arguably the largest sports show around, with an estimated 110 million viewers a lot of thought goes into the individual fan experience. Whether you are a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles or the New England Patriots ,… Read More