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  • Which way are you looking?

    February is Black History Month. Does it make sense to have a Black History Month in 2021? Why look back? Because the past informs the present and provides a springboard for the future. In 1926, historian, author, and journalist Carter… Read More

  • What’s Different

    “I can’t wait for 2020 to be over.” Almost every conversation I’ve had in the last month started or ended with this phrase. But other than the calendar telling us that we are at the beginning of a new decade –… Read More

  • Build Up Resilience: Give Back

    In the November newsletter, I listed a variety of things we can do to get through a transition more easily and asked people to send me additional ideas that had worked for them. I am pleased that so many of… Read More

  • Create a Place for Resilience

    If you are having a hard time going through a transition (or the results of the election) there are ways to reduce the stress and pressure of the change process and allow yourself to move on with less drama and… Read More

  • Don’t Jump Off A Bridge: Decency Matters

    My parents always told me to treat people with consideration, compassion and respect. That guidance was occasionally amended to include – “whether they deserve it or not.” That has always served me and I try to do it, tried to… Read More

  • The Name of the Game: Agility & Flexibility

    Way back at the beginning of the year, you probably thought that things in your life were happening at a pretty rapid pace. By March however, Covid19 was playing a major role in the United States and the amount of… Read More

  • The impact of choosing your words.

    I really like it when insight strikes both me and my client at the same time. It happened recently: It’s no secret that we are experiencing major disruptions in our lives right now. My work focuses on goals and objectives,… Read More

  • We Are Moving!

    As of August 1, 2020 the Daniels & Assocaites office phone number will no longer be in service. The new phone number is 215-771-5683. As of August 4, 2020 the new mailing address is 2229 39th P1 NW, Washington, DC… Read More

  • Something Needs to Change

    Change a Person or Change the System? Yes. Like so many of you, I have been thinking a lot about change over the last month. In several of the discussions I’ve facilitated or participated in, it often comes around to individual… Read More

  • How’s Your Crystal Ball?

    Now that the US has begun the process of reopening, we are seeing a wide variety of predictions about the “New Normal.” Sports will take place without fans. Waves from a safe distance apart will replace a handshake. Happy hour… Read More