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  • Are You Too Late? Ask Most CEO’s this simple question…

    Ask most CEO’s what the big issue is for 2018 and they’ll tell you that it’s talent management. Everyone knows that it’s important. Many organizations have a Director of Talent Management or have an entire department dedicated to it. Everyone… Read More

  • Need A Match

    Since 1989, I’ve been hired by a client or two to conduct a program on Stress Management during the last couple of months of the year.  It might be for an accounting firm because the managing partner wants to provide the staff with strategies… Read More

  • My Boss Isn’t Harvey Weinstein But —

    Workplace sexual harassment has come roaring back into the headlines, thanks in large part to film producer Harvey Weinstein and his behavior.  This was quickly followed by the resurgence of the #MeToo campaign which became a, a rallying cry on… Read More

  • A Better One-on-One Now

    A few years ago I was given the National Geographic book Rarely Seen: Photographs of the Extraordinary. The pages are a visual smorgasbord that fill a reader with wonder. I viewed pages of photos of rare places, natural wonders, unique events,… Read More

  • Do You See What They See?

    Do others see you differently than you see yourself?  Whether you have carefully crafted your personal brand because you think it is the most effective professional image or your social behaviors are hard-wired since birth, how we think these attributes are seen… Read More

  • Which Came First: Employee or Culture?

    When you do a Google search for the phrase Organizational Culture, you get 184 million results! I tell clients that it’s a ‘YouTube Twitterverse.’  I’m referring to the ability for anyone to have their actions recorded and uploaded to a social media platform… Read More

  • Hitting a Summer Slump? You Can Get Your Workplace Culture on a Winning Streak

    The beginning of summer is marked with anticipation and excitement. There is an expectation that things will slow down a bit. You can almost hear the screech of tires in parking lots as colleagues exhale and people skip through the… Read More

  • How Many Leadership Traits Do I Really Need?

    When people talk about leadership, it can be hard to know what they really mean. Leadership is always a trending topic in the news.  We are surrounded every day by examples of good leadership and we know ‘not so good’… Read More

  • My Coach Isn’t Here – and That’s Great

    In my many years of coaching clients, I have learned that people can come with a variety of requests or preferences: ‘Doc’ prefers that I come to the office. ‘Sleepy” wants to meet off-site at the diner and be seated… Read More

  • Turning Feedback Into Action

    When feedback is given, I often advise the receiver to respond with the following phrase: “Thank you so much for your feedback. I appreciate your candor. You’ve given me something to think about.” And then I suggest that they take… Read More