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  • Normal for Now

    I currently find myself with a new routine – or perhaps a better way to put it is ‘no routine.’  My work is now all virtual rather than partially virtual. Some of my clients are working for organizations that are… Read More

  • Progress Rather Than Perfection

    You may have the idea of what perfect is: the perfect job, the perfect party, or the perfect boss. Aiming high is encouraged but it makes me wonder if perfection is a realistic goal. We seem to push ourselves (or… Read More

  • Your Life, Your Choice

    Have you ever gone through something at work or at home and felt that you really had no choice about having to go through it? My clients often will say “I have to do this.” It might be about a… Read More

  • Don’t Join the Gym

    Are you thinking that this month is the time to finally join a gym and get in shape? Don’t. Here is what my research shows: New Year’s resolutions are a big motivator and many clubs tout a discounted joining fee if… Read More

  • You Don’t Need a Blowtorch to Light Your Candles

    One of the biggest obstacles to professional and personal freedom is not understanding what enough really is. Not many people think about what is enough. Instead, we allow other people to determine it for us. How much money do you… Read More

  • Avoiding Landmines

    Political polarization has become a part of our lives. We can see it in our families and friendships. Some people report that they have even stopped talking to or socializing with someone they know because of disagreements over politics. So… Read More

  • Are You Laughing?

    Having a good sense of humor definitely helps cope with stress and can lead to your overall improved health. The actual act of laughing is an exhale, releasing your breath and the tension you may be holding on to. Sharing… Read More

  • Ghosts in the Workplace

    If you date or know someone who is currently dating then you probably already know all about ghosting. In order to avoid having a difficult conversation (“I don’t want to see you anymore.”), the person goes silent. Call, texts, and… Read More

  • Keep It Crisp

    It happens a lot. You ask a question or make a comment and then are stuck listening to the person respond for the next 10 minutes. They may answer a question you haven’t asked, provide extraneous information, or offer an… Read More

  • Team Reset

    There are times when my work is focused on the relationships between boss and employee. While this isn’t a friendship in the traditional sense, it is a relationship that involves some care and respect which is useful in order to… Read More