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  • Ghosts in the Workplace

    If you date or know someone who is currently dating then you probably already know all about ghosting. In order to avoid having a difficult conversation (“I don’t want to see you anymore.”), the person goes silent. Call, texts, and… Read More

  • Keep It Crisp

    It happens a lot. You ask a question or make a comment and then are stuck listening to the person respond for the next 10 minutes. They may answer a question you haven’t asked, provide extraneous information, or offer an… Read More

  • Team Reset

    There are times when my work is focused on the relationships between boss and employee. While this isn’t a friendship in the traditional sense, it is a relationship that involves some care and respect which is useful in order to… Read More

  • Ethics Every Day

    Most Managers will say that they behave in a legal, ethical, and moral manner in the conduct of their professional work. They are aware that client protection and trust in the organization depend on a high level of professional conduct…. Read More

  • A Path for Sulkers

    There they are again – the training participant or team member who sits and sulks. It’s clear they don’t want to be there. They slouch. They don’t follow along with the materials/agenda. They don’t engage, ask questions or contribute to… Read More

  • To Share or Not to Share?

    As a management development consultant, I’m often asked questions like, “Should I tell my co-workers I’m in therapy?” or “Should I tell my boss I was diagnosed with depression?” It wasn’t that long ago that personal information like that was… Read More

  • Toss the Script and Improvise

    I’ve been making presentations on the topic of work-life integration for a while now. The women I talk to are in search of the magic combination that will unlock the padlock to happiness and success.  They are eager to find… Read More

  • Getting From Us vs. Them to We

    Polarization (political and otherwise) is at an all-time high in our country right now. It seems as though everyone is picking a side and rejecting anyone else who isn’t on the same side that they are. This can have an… Read More

  • Look Back Before Leaping Into 2019

    Before you plow full-steam ahead into 2019, let’s take time to look back on 2018 and do an assessment. How far did you get last year and what do you need to know in order to move forward with strategic… Read More

  • One Step is Not a Flight of Stairs!

    In just one week, a few things caught my attention: Company announces a change in policy and will no longer allow strip clubs to be expensed on company credit cards. Employees using/sharing pornographic photos at work are dismissed. Company alerted… Read More