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  • When All Is Said and Done

    Death has been a frequent topic of conversation.  My father-in-law, a longtime friend, and even the untimely death of Robin Williams have all brought a subject I rarely dwell on into the spotlight. Death and loss are part of the… Read More

  • Rebound: From Setbacks to Success

    Many of us have been let go unceremoniously, though perhaps not as visibly as Jill Abramson, ex-CEO of the New York Times. Maybe you didn’t get a promotion, lost a key client, watched a valued employee leave to join a… Read More

  • Run the Emergency Room Right

    The CEO is always in meetings. The VP is out of the office. The Director is dealing with strategic plans. The Manager is putting out fires. The Supervisor is shooting from the hip. It seems as if no one has… Read More

  • Zombie Emotions

    Are you amazed and saddened at news reports about individuals who are taking their frustration and their guns into public places such as movie theaters, shopping malls, and airports? Perhaps you are even inured to what has become routine reporting… Read More

  • Talent Can Develop or Depart: It’s YOUR Call

    You plan for your organization to still be in business in five or ten years, so everything done today is being implemented with an eye toward the future. When it comes to your employees it means shaping the direction of… Read More

  • The Poetry of Management

    As an undergraduate English major, one of the requirements was to take a poetry writing class. My professor was Roger Dickenson-Brown, who brandished a cane and wore a cape. (Hey – it was the 70’s and everyone was into’ the look’… Read More

  • Working with the Ethically Challenged

    One of the hardest things for an employee to do, no matter what their organizational level may be, is to tell the boss when she or he is wrong. Pointing out when an ethical line has been (or could be)… Read More

  • Plan B: An Alternative, Not Just a Backup

    Whether it’s a 5 year plan or our To-Do list for today, we all have things we want to accomplish. While most planning processes focus on goals and objectives… …there is tremendous merit in creating a potential problem protection plan… Read More

  • Does A Decade Make A Difference

      Does a Decade Make a Difference?   In February 2002, my book, Power Tools for Women®: Plugging into the Essential Skills for Work and Life,was published. At that time women comprised 59% of college graduates, 46% of the workforce, 28% of small… Read More