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“Joni was able to support our organization in having laser-like focus on our strategic goals. Her facilitation style kept us on task while taking us through a necessary process to understand the critical nature of what we were setting out to accomplish.”

Strategic consulting services and project management work can include training programs, group facilitation, delivery of content, and individual one-on-one skill development. Projects evolve from a client’s objective, an organizational directive, or as the result of providing a training program. Designed with the outcome always in mind, this service provides support for the achievement of the goal and can include:

  • One-on-One Guided Execution (for strategies, skills development, goal accomplishment)
  • Presentation Feedback, Coaching and Training
  • Executive (Shadow) Consulting / Goal Accomplishment
  • Develop and Design New Employee Orientation Program
  • Develop and Design Corporate Inclusion Initiative including the research of industry standards
  • Develop, Design, and Conduct Cultural Shift Program
  • Company Wide Improvement Reporting Program
  • Training Needs Assessment
  • Staff Retreats

Why choose Joni Daniels?  Joni is an expert on critical topics in the area of professional development, strategic goal setting, collaborative problem solving, actionable feedback, and guided execution. Build consensus and reach conclusions about issues you’ve been wrestling with for months.

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