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Create a Place for Resilience

If you are having a hard time going through a transition (or the results of the election) there are ways to reduce the stress and pressure of the change process and allow yourself to move on with less drama and more success.

This is by no means a finite list and I continue to add to it as I work with clients who go through many challenging professional and life transitions. I also add to this list as I go through difficult changes in my own life.

It’s one thing to know about these ideas but another thing to apply them in your own life and truly make them yours. I invite you to examine the list and think about how you might apply these strategies and actions.

During a transition:

You are more than this. Remember that you are more than this moment in time – no matter how long the moment may last. There are other parts of your life that bring you joy and build on your strengths and talents, Those other parts of you/your life can help build your next success.

Turn down the drama. It can be easy to over dramatize when an unexpected change comes into your life. The more people you tell, the bigger the change can feel. But you can make a conscious effort to reduce the volume of the drama by being aware of the impact this pattern can have on you.

Try what works for others. If something is working for someone else – it just might work for you. While you shouldn’t blame yourself if you are not in the same place someone else is regarding a change event, look for what you might be able to take from their experience and adopt for yourself.

Find the courage to ask for help. Being vulnerable is not an easy thing to do but you may be surprised at how many people are willing to give you a hand. There are lots of ways others can provide help.

Don’t borrow trouble.  There is no need to torture yourself with the things that haven’t happened yet. You are wasting energy worrying about things that may not transpire.

Know when it’s time to act. There is a time to think, feel, observe, and consider what steps to take in the plan to go forward. Don’t spend too much time doing those things though – sometimes the best way to stop feeling stuck is to act. Taking action can be empowering and reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Meditate. Create a space for some inner peace.  Walks in the woods, gazing at the waves, even walking a dog can help you connect to something bigger than just you and provide your brain with some needed quiet.

Invest in Self-love. Love yourself no matter what is happening. In your thoughts, words and actions, loving yourself is the best thing you can do to help you feel empowered and pull you out of the shock or depression that can accompany transition. Caring gestures directed toward yourself make a difference in your day.

Laugh daily. Laughter is not to be underestimated. See the silly and exhale – letting go of tension as you do.

Get up and Move. Temperatures are getting cooler and Covid19 can make you fearful of getting out, but moving your body is exactly what you should be doing. Exercising, dancing, walking, biking, running, and skating all release endorphins and those can lift your spirits. Movement every single day can change how you feel about things.

Are there things you do that help you manage your way through transition? I’d like to hear from you so I can add them to the list and share your strategies with others

Resiliency is a key part of managing transition effectively. It may be time for you to figure out how you are doing, and how you might able to do better.

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