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“With great clarity, expertise, humor and stories, Joni Daniels gave our leadership team a deep understanding of both personal and organizational change.”

If your strategic planning or team meeting is important enough for people to devote their time to it, they deserve a neutral facilitator to ensure the meeting flows smoothly, everyone participates and difficult decisions are made.

As Joni guides the process, she keeps the discussion focused, on track and on time. She prevents participants from dominating or being overlooked and teases out diverse opinions. She offers structure, an impartial perspective, and expert feedback, and ensures that all participants are able to interact constructively. An independent, professional facilitator makes your meetings more effective and productive by ensuring that everyone is able to participate fully and contribute actively. The goal is to help participants excel as a team in focusing on the issues, building a common vision and committing to the actions that will bring that vision into reality.

Facilitation serves to:

  • Identify important pressing issues
  • Establish better communications practices
  • Define your organization’s core values and guiding principles
  • Structure and design a Strategic Plan
  • Help your team to become more focused on projects and tasks
  • Focus your people to work more effectively as a team
  • Resolve issues of conflict
  • Develop an effective, relevant, strategic action plan with implementation milestones
  • Strategic Planning

Services include:

  • Team Building
  • Building a Vision
  • Conflict / Issue Processing
  • Coaching
  • Team Process Observation
  • Management, Departmental, Staff or Board Retreats
  • Senior Staff Team Development and Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Facilitation of Task Force / Committee / Project Team Meetings
  • Assist communication processing in mergers and acquisitions

Why choose Joni Daniels?

  • She is flexible and can modify small-group activities before and during use.
  • Joni is adaptive, changing activities as the group dynamic demand.
  • She is proactive, altering activities based on the characteristics of the participants and the purpose of the activity.
  • Joni is responsive, creating modifications during activities to keep the group dynamics on target.
  • She is resilient, able to accept whatever happens during the meeting, using the information as valuable data about to smoothly continue with the activity.

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