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Get Out and Go Away

,,Joni Daniels,,,,

People will tell you that travel has become a hassle and compared to how it ‘used to be,’ it’s true. No more running through airports because people will think you are running FROM something! No one meets you at the gate because unless you have a boarding pass, you don’t belong past the metal detectors. The lines, the crowds, the delays, the lack of service and comfort for the average traveler – why not just stay home?

But you get something from travel that you can’t get from sticking close to home. You get to see places you’ve only read about, experience different cultures and customs, and connect with people who see things (your state, the USA, the world, themselves) differently.  You can be awe struck, (Holy Cow!) inspired (I could look at this for hours!) , amazed (I had no idea. ), surprised (Did you know it was this color?) , and enthralled (I can’t get enough of this.). You could be disappointed, (You didn’t realize how small it was!) frustrated (You need some help – and in English!), or annoyed (Why didn’t anyone warn me!?)

You can see what they see and wonder if it’s right. You try new things and see how it feels.  It can be exciting, intimidating, educational, or confirming. You can wonder why you didn’t do this long ago or relish that you are finally doing something now that you’ve always wanted to do.  You can go with a group, one other person, or go it alone. You can take in the usual sites or go off the beaten path and explore trails that few know about.

Most of us enjoy coming home, slipping back into our routines, sleeping in the same comfy bed. But new experiences can bring change too.

Going back to school, attending a training program or seminar, hearing a captivating speaker who has new and challenging ideas are ways to intellectually travel if you are open to it. That’s really the challenge with people as we get older – we often are partial to the ruts we are in and want to surround ourselves with people who think the way we do. You don’t learn much that way.

If you can’t actually go some place new and experience a new country or part of the country,  go travel to a place where you can get some exposure to people who think differently. You may learn that you aren’t quite done learning.

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