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Get Up from Your Table and Go Sit Somewhere Else

Millennials are not like the Baby Boomer’s or Gen X-ers who have come before them. Working with managers today in a follow-up clinic to a previous training program, there is still much unhappiness and reluctance to manage differently and creatively to attract, retain and develop these employees. While the current economic environment is definitely changing the “I can get a job any where” to “There are no jobs out there,” it will not change Millennials in terms of their values, beliefs, connectedness to parents, confidence, and use of technology.

The conversation was spirited and allowed people to both throw up thier hands in annoyance AND tackle issues and strategies with creativity. While organizational policies and company cultures are slow to change, getting the conversation focused on what people CAN do is very energizing. I wish clients had the budget for me to come back again and again to see how tings were going, what worked, what didn’t, why not and what’s next.

If you want to get to know ‘them,’ spend some time with them. Work isn’t all that different from high school! In the cafeteria, the Cheerleaders all sit together, the Jocks all sit together, the Nerds all sit together and the Theater-Rats all sit together. If you want to get to know and understand someone else, you are going to have to get up from your table and go sit with another group. It’s counterintuitive for most people, but managers need to be creative about how to motivate a variety of people.

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