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How Can You Succeed When Things Suck?

Unless you’ve been meditating on the top of a mountain or hibernating in a cave, you are all too well aware of the pandemic, the politics, and the economic situation in our country and around the world. It’s impossible to get through a day without hearing about how hard it is, how challenging it will be, and how more bad news is expected.

You can join in, wring your hands and bemoan the current situation. Many people are doing exactly that and it’s a logical reaction to what has been happening for the last 9 months, is happening now, and will be happening going forward.

Or you can behave in ways that bring an upbeat energy to your work, your employees, and may even bring business through your doors in the coming months

Internal Audit
First you should review what you are thinking and how it is being translated into the words you speak. If enough people talk about how awful things are then it not only becomes more awful, but everyone is focused on how bad it is. If you are focused on the negative, it will take you that much longer to recognize anything that may be and actually IS positive.

While you can’t change the news being reported, you can control how much of it you listen to on a daily basis. Although you may not be able to get a handle on how concerned you are, you don’t have to be talking about it all the time. Pay attention to the words you speak. Your colleagues, employees and customers are listening.

Additional things to do when times are challenging:

  • Find a consultant, coach, mentor, or business guru who can offer you support and a different view on how to run a business, manage employees, or identify alternative strategies and goals that you can focus on.
  • Volunteer to sit on a panel, speak, or join a committee to provide some additional and fresh exposure. Listen to what other contributors are saying.
  • Arrange to network with someone at least once a week. If you are networking with the same people, try a new connection.
  • Connect with local colleges and universities. They can always use expertise and it may provide you a new avenue for ideas and connections.
  • Partner with others to provide added value to customers. Think about how you might develop new products or services.
  • Get creative with price. You might be able to bundling services or add discounts for quantity or early sales.
  • Thank your existing customers by offering them a discount for returning and buying again.

I know you can add to this list by conducting a brainstorming session of your Advisory Board, Executive Team, Management Staff or employee team. Rather than posing it as a question of staying in business, position the meeting as a way to generate energy and enthusiasm. If our current conditions are going to be the ‘normal-for-now,’ create an organization that plans to succeed – even when it’s a rough road.



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