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I realized it was time to revamp and refresh my website. I thought about what I wanted to communicate to those who know me and those who don’t know me yet – the people who land on

Websites are tricky things when you are a consultant. I want to inform, educate and promote. In that order:

    • What do I do? What services do I provide?
    • Who might need what I do? How can this benefit Clients?
    • Why choose me?

That last bullet point is the reason I have waited until now to relaunch my site. I told someone recently that while all the current talk about the importance of developing a personal/professional brand and acquiring the label of ‘thought leader’ – it seems too err on the side of overconfidence. While I HAVE a personality, I’m not a personality. In my experience, people don’t really value confidence unless it is accompanied by competence. And even when they are paired well, the people I know seem to prefer to see as little confidence-surplus as possible.

Consulting is not the kind of profession where you can “want to be good at something” or just think you are good at something. It is preferable to have a high level of competence, rather than confidence. This is not an area where people should “fake it till you make it” or strive to overt promote yourself. It’s more effective to work hard, be pleasant to work with, and deliver on the results you promise.

My goal with the refresh is to share with people how I can help them.

There is no substitute for the ability to do the job. And when you work with people, teams, and organizations, and success is based on those critical, non-technical, interpersonal skills – that is what will matter most.

Thomas Friedman writes what I have found to be true: the world only cares about what you can do with what you know.


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