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Keep Your Footing – Even When The Ground Shifts

So it’s a new year and there seems to be plenty of agreement that the world of work has changed significantly. BUT – there are still some things that will never change. These sure things should be embraced, adopted and practiced in order to increase your confidence and maintain a competitive edge.

Broad Technical Knowledge – People who possess broad technical knowledge will be well prepared to adopt innovations in their field. You may have to learn a specialized inventory method, computer language or new technology, but if you have a reasonable technical foundation in your area, you will be able to move easily among many specific techniques if needed.

Core Competencies Endure – They often form the center around which the organization reconfigures itself to meet changing market demands. Employees who connect with those competencies are more likely to remain productive, no matterwhat the future brings.

Manage Work Efficiently – Regardless of what changes, one thing never will change is the need to manage work well. Management skills transcend all professions and are an integral part of every profession and every organization.. The term “management skills” does not only mean managing the workflow of others efficiently and effectively. It also is about the ability to organize and manage one’s own workload.

Open to Learning – Employees who possess a willingness to learn are more likely to adapt and grow as their jobs change. They experience change as a challenge – something to be mastered. People with good learning skills are able to flex and grow to ensure their own success and the success of the company.

There is a lot of talk about the trends and the successful definitely keep up if not ahead of the curve. But the folks who thrive also have a good handle on the basics; the aspects of work that never change and always provide a route to success.

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