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Media – Networking Tips on Good Morning Maryland

I was invited back for another segment of Back2Work on Good Morning Maryland (WMAR, ABC 2NEWS) to talk about Effective Networking Tips. Jamie Costello got word that the President was going to break in any minute to talk to the nation about Ted Kennedy having just passed away. Bad timing for me, right?! Not when I’m working with a pro. Jamie asked if I could talk fast, I nodded, and when we went on air, he was off and running! My goal was simply to keep up, be articulate, make sense, and remember to smile! I laughed all the way home, wondering if it looked like the blur it felt like to me. The response I’ve received has been positive, and viewers liked the common sense and the ideas they hadn’t thought about. Best news — I’ve been invited back again. It would be great if the famous and infamous people stay healthy and alive when I make a return visit.

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