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Now is the Time to Raise the Bar for ALL Employees

The old 80-20 Rule is alive and well in the way that most managers manage their employees. Many think that only 20% of their direct reports are of “go-to” caliber.

Even with the current economic downturn, a model popularized by Jack Welsh many years ago at GE (that 20% of the employees are in the top performance category, 70% are in the middle range, and 10% are at the bottom) is still a management philosophy that is widely accepted and implemented today.

This approach is holding organizations back from leveraging the full potential of their workforce. Times have changed and it only makes good business sense to change your view about talent development. There are things you can do to change with the times and develop your workforce effectively in today’s business climate. What better time than right NOW to rasie the bar?

• Increase performance levels and raise the expectation level of everyone who works for you.

• Make assignments strategically, providing people with opportunities and the managerial support they need to accomplish them.

• Coach all of your employees more frequently.

• Encourage some risk taking.

• Reward those who demonstrate the success, skills and strategies you are looking for.

• Broaden the talent of everyone. Now is the time to invest in your people (and invest in their development).

• Connect development (training) directly to achievement.

When you help employees connect the dots from performance standards to increased expectations, from training to accomplishment, you are making a case that your organization’s leadership understands – ROI.

Admittedly, I’m a little biased. But not investing in training and development simply doesn’t make sense.

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