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One-on-One Guided Execution

“During our 1:1 Guided Execution sessions, Joni taught me not just how to rethink my resume, but to rethink myself and what I am capable of accomplishing.”

One-on-One Guided Execution works to identify, develop and leverage abilities and resources a person may already have but may not know how to apply most effectively. It can also identify gaps where interpersonal skills need to be developed. The goal is to increase self and situational awareness and then provide confidential support, advice and feedback as the client works to apply those abilities to real-time, real-life professional challenges.

Unlike project consulting, where the client receives instruction or assistance, One-on-One Guided Execution is a collaborative effort where Joni and the client work together. This one-on-one support can be for senior-level executives, directors, managers, supervisors or employees in leadership or management positions. It can also be effective for emerging leaders to help develop the confidence and judgment they will need as they move up in their career.

One-on-One Guided Execution is:

  • Developmental: The goal is to build and improve leadership competencies or to remediate and address problems.
  • Hands-on: Joni provides ongoing support as the client addresses a spectrum of real-life, real- time issues relating to leadership, management, and professional effectiveness.
  • Objective: Joni serves as an objective, external sounding board. Her role is not to be a cheerleader; she is a co-strategist, an absolute truth-teller and, most often, a supportive and trusted confidante.
  • Confidential: All one-on-one engagements are highly confidential with Joni serving as confidential strategic and tactical advisor as the client addresses day-to-day projects, copes with challenges, navigates ‘political’ situations, or is thrust to the forefront as a change agent.
  • Delivered by Professionals: As a resource to management and leadership personnel in a variety of industries, Joni Daniels has developed effective working relationships with a broad spectrum of personalities in a wide variety of situations and understands the unique dynamics of organizations.

Additional services can include Shadow/Supportive Consulting focused on strategy and performance management support.

By working with Joni Daniels, your organization’s leaders will gain insight into their specific leadership and interpersonal competencies, and tap into natural skills they already possess to build consensus, motivate groups, lead and manage change, and handle difficult and sensitive situations. By making this investment in your employees, your entire organization will be positioned to improve its performance and productivity.

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