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Raising Your Profile at Work with a YOU Campaign

A promotion opportunity recently came up in Patrick’s department. The job matched his There are few things more frustrating than thinking that you have the skills that perfectly match an opportunity at work and then finding out that you were not even considered for it.

When I suggest to clients that they ask the boss why it was not a discussion between them, many are shocked to learn that they are not on their manager’s radar for consideration. The boss (and possibly the hiring manager for the opportunity) does not know enough about (or possibly anything – yikes!) to think of them as a possible candidate for the opportunity.

Folks who get those opportunities are usually known to the decision makers. They have strong connections with the people who can influence the hiring decisions. When people know what you can do and are aware of your interests, they can make better decisions that concern you. It sounds like common sense: those who are noticed or known get consideration. Those who aren’t – don’t.

What can you do to up your profile? (without annoying your colleagues or being accused of hogging the spotlight

In just about every workplace, being good at your job isn’t the only requirement if you want to get ahead. As is often said: It’s not just what you know that matters – it’s also who you know.
It’s unwise to rely on others (like your boss) to increase your visibility for you. You should know ways to maximize your exposure so that when opportunities arise, you are considered. You may be uncomfortable promoting yourself at work, but even if you are an introvert, there ar ways to be more visible.

You can:

Speak up in Meetings – Meetings are a great way to show your knowledge and increase your visibility. While there may be colleagues who ho the microphone, push yourself to say more, even if it isn’t something you naturally want to do. Plan ahead when you get the agenda to figure out what, when and how you will speak up.

Improve the Relationship with the Boss – Every now and then talk to your boss about your work. Let him/her know what is going well, ask for ideas about how you can help and support coworkers and learn about ways you can increase your visibility (present to other teams, promote the department across the organization.

Ask for High-Visibility Work – Don’t wait for your boss to assign highly visible work to someone else – ask for these to be assigned to you.

Volunteer to Represent Your Team/Department – If your team/department sends a representative to cross-departmental meetings, ask if you can be the person you’re your group to attend.

Raise Your Hand for Learning/Developmental Opportunities – Training programs “lunch and learn” sessions, workshops and conferences provide good opportunities for you to become better known within your organization and represent your organization externally. When you go, contribute to discussions, and connect with people you don’t already know so that you can build your network.

Don’t wait to learn that you should have been promoting yourself ‘after the fact.’ Start the “YOU” campaign today.

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