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Suck It Up and Step Up to the Plate, Cupcake!

Today’s Supervisory Boot Camp training program indicated that people are seeing the results of their efforts and that many of the strategies and skills pay off! Training is all about DOING but it helps to talk about the challenge involved and what stops people.

The topic this morning was giving improvement and reinforcement feedback. For the most part, no one enjoys stirring up difficult emotions. At a deeper level, many supervisors and managers steer cleat of giving improvement feedback because they want to be liked and don’t want to deal with the interpersonal mess of defensiveness, pouting, complaining, and explaining about why work is substandard.

The focus needs to be on closing the gap between what you want from employees and what they are currently delivering. Let them know you think they are capable of improving, and follow up to show them that you are interested in their progress. Eventually they may understand that your job as the manager is to develop them and help them improve their performance, not applaud everything they do, not matter what. Few enjoy conflict and delivering improvement feedback. One of the participants said that while in the army in Iraq, there was a phrase he thought fit the theme of the session: “Suck it up and step up to the plate Cupcake!” Exactly!!

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