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Super Bowl Fans Are Like Your Fans

In the Super Bowl, arguably the largest sports show around, with an estimated 110 million viewers a lot of thought goes into the individual fan experience. Whether you are a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles or the New England Patriots , a fan of football, a fan of the half-time headliner (this year it’s Justin Timberlake) or a fan of the commercials – fans like to connect with other fans, family members and friends, not just the action on the field or on the screen. This shared sense of being connected is a key part of the game-day experience.

Today’s workplaces are also hoping to create spaces where connections happen. In
your own work environment, the best solution to creating that kind of connection is to
understand your culture, your workforce, and what motivates people to want to connect with one another.

The Super Bowl might be the gold standard of fan loyalty. Fans from all over the United States arrive at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota for a week of parties and events culminating in the most watched TV event in the world. While there is a lot to be said for the sheer entertainment value, by the time the game is played fans will have chosen the team they root for and their night will end in either joy or heartache.

The Super Bowl has a lot of brand loyalty going for it.

How can your organization get some of that?

Change things up: Every Super Bowl is memorable in a unique way because it
involves a different team match up each year, a different half-time show each year, and
new commercials that are created expressly for that specific Super Bowl. You can make interactions with employees or clients personal and memorable too. Think about how you might surprise them by exceeding their expectations. Remember that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ so getting a lunch out might appeal to one person while a gift card might appeal to someone else. Consider the interest of the person you want to develop into a fan. Keeping people engaged over the long term will require some creativity on your part.

Be memorable: The half-time act is not a one-hit wonder. Whoever holds the spotlight at half time has a string of #1 hits. If you want to be memorable with your employees or your clients, it will be over the course of the relationship, not because you did something once that was meaningful. Lasting fans are developed over time and take place over numerous interactions.

Get direct feedback: It’s great to have people say nice things about them. Sports Illustrated and news outlets all tout the teams who play in the Super Bowl. There are entire shows that promote the new commercials that will air during the game. But it’s important to learn directly from your employees or your customers about how they experience your service or product. Not only does technology allow you to use a wide variety of channels to connect – you can obtain up to the minute information about how they experience their interactions with you, cutting out the opportunity for information to be synthesized by a third party, and allowing you to forge a better connection.

Building and keeping a fan base is hard work. It takes some time to create a winning campaign that keeps people engaged in an ongoing way. If you want your employees, clients, and customers to become loyal fans then show them that in ways that grab their attention – not just once, but repeatedly.

  • For those of you who are team fans, you all watched a record breaking game : 1,000-yard Super Bowl win!
  • For those of you who are football fans, it was a great offensive game to watch and pretty close all the way through.
  • For those of you who are Justin Timberlake fans, I hope he came through with one of your favorite songs in an entertaining way.
  • For those of you who love the creativity of the commercials, you learned that Westworld is returning for Season 3 and that Eli Manning and Odell Beckham are interested in more than  just football.

And for those of you who aren’t a fan of any of those things cited above – what would make you want to watch next year?

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