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Joni Daniels is literally the only facilitator we have ever used with 100% happy people after she was done.
Eileen Levitt M., CEO, The HR Team Inc.

We have been sending our manager’s to Joni’s supervisory training program for over a yer. The response has been so overwhelmingly positive that we have made it a regular feature of our management training program. When a recent conflict between a front line and mid-level manager surfaced, we thought Joni could help. We brought her in to meet with those involved and couldn’t be happier or more satisfied with the outcome. We think she is the best and are so glad we have access to her training and consulting services.
 David Dellman, Director of HR, Richcroft, Inc.

There are multiple measures of a successful trainer and consultant. Joni Daniels possesses many of these. She listens, engages, creates clear learning outcomes and matches activities to the groups’ needs. But for me the most important mark of successful facilitation is impact the interventions have back at home. Nearly six months after our consulting time together, the visible imprint of her work remains and expands. More effective staff meetings, better communication and clear commitment to team tenets are Joni’s legacy. I’m grateful for the strong foundation she provided that allowed our team to move together to an even higher level of success.
 Nancy D. Young, Ph.D., Vice President for Student Affairs

There are some trainings you attend where you take impeccable notes trying to remember everything that was said, and there are trainings where you are present and allow all the information to soak in and put it right to use in practical applications. Our training series with Joni was the perfect mixture of both. Sound advice and thoughtful responses were written down by everyone in the room to use in those tricky situations. Yet everyone put down their pens to role play difficult conversations. It was exactly what our supervisors needed to realize their roles and build a sense of comraderie.
 Katie Seigler, Training Specialist, Benedictine School

Joni Daniels’ work with our leadership team has helped us to become more productive and effective. Joni is an excellent diagnostician of group behavior and can quickly design an intervention that will help a group stop behaviors that may be harmful to effectiveness and begin new behaviors that help to move the group forward. Joni uses care and candor when coaching a person or group. I know our team will use Joni again to keep us moving forward.
 Kim Leisey, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, UMBC

Joni has that unique talent to help others identify the stumbling blocks that may keep them from complete success.
— Paul E. Towhey, Development Manager, Merck

The staff came into the office today, ready and raring to go. Joni’s truthfulness about what it takes to reach a goal really resonates with people because they know at some level that what she describes in her presentation has been their actual experience over the years. The strategies really gives people guidance about ‘how to’ rather than ‘just do this.” The story about raising a great kid said it all! Joni was a wonderful and important part of our conference.
— Kathy Keegan, Director of Portfolio Administration, Legg Mason Investment Council

Joni’s experience in working with multinational Fortune 500 companies is clearly evident — she connected with all our people from around the world and energized them to work as a global team of change agents within the Company!
— Blake Eisenhardt, General Auditor, UNISYS Corporation

The leadership training that Joni has customized for our organization has been phenomenal! I am pleased with the level of self-awareness that these trainings are bringing to the entire leadership team and I am confident that everyone will feel equipped to effectively lead and develop others.
— Zalena Giles, Training & Development Coordinator, ARC, Northern Chesapeake Region

“Joni has presented recently to two of our CEO peer leadership groups and each time has been very professional and informative. The group members enjoyed the topics, found them relevant and areas of interest. Joni offers effective programs that meet our group’s needs. She is an effective speaker, delivers a solid program in an understandable and useful way.”
— Bill Clark, Chairman, Clark Leadership Group 

Joni is one of the most highly rated and informative business speakers I’ve ever used. Her energy and enthusiasm keeps the audience engaged from start to finish and her practical strategies give participants real tools to use as soon as they walk out the door!
— Stephanie McAlaine, Executive Director, ACG Philadelphia (Association for Corporate Growth)

Joni Daniels is an extraordinary instructor. Her presentation is full of energy and enthusiasm. She delivers 100% and never disappoints. I highly recommend her.
— Jay Stewart, Director of Marketing and Training, MDWorks, Inc.

Your presentation was excellent and provided information that was important for the participants. We’ve received many comments about the quality and timeliness of the information you presented.
— Charles Rapp & Thomas Gianni, Training Committee Co-Chairmen, Maryland Chiefs of Police Association & Maryland Sheriffs’ Association

Over the last couple of years we had sent supervisors (many of them first time supervisors) to Joni’s trainings so that they could learn about themselves and how to support their teams. What became evident was that after these trainings, we saw observable changes in behavior and also in the results that they were producing with their teams. Joni’s name was brought up by those who attended and their supervisors as the person we needed to bring in because of the results we were seeing. Joni did an amazing job with our group of leaders and we continue to use the ideas she shared.
— Shawn Kros, CEO, The ARC, Northern Chesapeake Region

Joni’s presentation was on the mark. While it’s difficult to plan training for a wide and diverse audience, Joni was able to take relevant issues and create fun activities. By seeing a few of my own communication flaws, the training motivated me to think more about how I send messages and to be a better listener! Her example of asking for personal feedback was especially powerful.
— Donna Will, Regional Training Coordinator, MD Developmental Disabilities Association

Joni is an excellent professional coach. She approaches her work with a keen understanding of the personal challenges and complexities involved. Her style is supportive, yet direct, nurturing, and yet challenging. In my new role Joni’s advice, wisdom, and insights are invaluable, and I continue to make progress in my new role using her sage and proven experiences as example to follow.
— James B. Smith, Co-Executive Director, Business Development and Administration, NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Sciences

The first time I met Joni I was immediately impressed with her enthusiasm for her work. She brings a business perspective to HR issues that resonates with our leaders.
— Michael N. Piergrossi, Vice President of Human Resources, W.R. Grace

Joni trained two large groups of our middle managers and supervisors. Their response to the training was overwhelmingly positive. Joni is a polished presenter and keeps the audience engaged. I would highly recommend her and we plan to utilize her again.
— Joni Dorsett, Human Resources Director, Chimes DC

I think that Joni’s session was one of the most relevant, interactive, and valuable sessions that I have attended on the topic of women’s power and leadership…..and it was grounded in very practicable examples that you can put to use immediately!!
— Patricia J. Mitchell, Vice President, Global Sales and Operations, IBM Global Services

Joni is the consummate professional, able to turn on a dime to respond to the needs and dynamics of each group she facilitates. She was very responsive to our team’s dynamics and I recommend her without hesitation.
— Julie Mercer, Chief Marketing and Development Officer, Americn Red Cross/Central Maryland

“Joni’s presentation was a great reinforcement of things I knew, articulated in a concise and impactful way. While I understood many of the concepts before the seminar, her presentation moved my knowledge from conceptual into something more concrete that I could practice. Several of the concepts she presented were absolutely accurate, although I didn’t realize just how big a difference it could make toward effective communication and achieving the desired result until she delivered them in a way that hit home and made it easy to remember.”
— Diana Giglio, Business Development, Finix Professional Services

Joni Daniels is a pleasure to work with. We needed to provide training within a short time frame to a group of very busy professionals. Joni was able to create a 90 minute interactive, informative and entertaining session with time for questions and comments. The training was very well received by our management team and imparted the information they needed. I hope to work with Joni again.
— Barbara Cheek, SPHR, Human Resources Director, iJET

We could not have asked for a more professional, perceptive, good-humored, patient, fun, versatile and effective emcee and speaker for our Annual Leader Lunch event. Joni was easy to work with and immediately grasped the nature and message of the event which helped ensure that we achieved exactly what we hoped for. Feedback revealed that the attendees were also impressed and everyone enjoyed her ease and fluency at the podium.
— Mary Chesnut, Director of Development, YWCA Greater Baltimore

The business environment is constantly evolving, and in order to be competitive and continue to provide value, you have to be able to anticipate and manage change. Knowing that is one thing; putting it into practice is another. Joni Daniels’ workshop, “The Art of Managing Change,” hit the mark. It was full of relevant information and practical advice that can be applied both to personal and professional situations. My team and I intend to draw on the knowledge and skills we gained to manage our ever-changing work and personal lives.
— Erin Somers, Vice President, Public Relations & Communications, Magellan Health Services

Joni communicates her message with credibility, humor and common sense.
— Mark Best, Director of Projects, Advanced Automation Associates, Inc.

I have never seen a facilitator make connections in quite the way Joni does. While facilitating our senior management planning retreat, she was able to help us boil complex issues down to their core in a way that was impactful and understandable. She also demonstrated the right balance between challenging our assumptions and supporting our goals. Even with a very full agenda, we were able to achieve our desired outcomes without feeling rushed.
— Kim Fabian, SVP, Junior Achievement of Central Maryland

What a pleasure it has been working with Joni. I am ecstatic with the response from everyone. Nothing but ‘positivity’ since the training and it is still going strong. She is the best and just might be a miracle worker!
— Krystal Kerman, Human Resources/Accounting Supervisor, Admiral Elevator

Joni is so good at distilling universal truths into a few compelling and memorable words.
— Gene Bracken, Director of Communications, The Greater Baltimore Committee

Joni Daniels presentation of “Talkin’ Bout My Generation” was a great insight to what the work-world is really comprised of. Joni’s program for our audience of young professionals who are the next generation of leaders really helped us all think of how we can work differently in our organizations and adapt to other generations with the upmost respect. The presentation was interactive and allowed the audience of mostly “GEN Y’s” to really take in what the other generations think and expect of us!
— Rachel Shuster, Project Development Coordinator, GIVE/Business Volunteers Unlimited Maryland

Working with Joni is fantastic! In addition to being easy to work with, she is quick to identify opportunities for improvement and deliver results. Her communication style is refreshing and she positively influenced our team.
— Jill Johnson, Executive Director, NISH Products

Joni presented “The Hard Conversations: Initiating Discussions That Matter” to attendees of the Human Resources Association of Southern Maryland’s Annual Conference, and as a program planning committee member she made me shine! Her ability to present this topic with an understanding of the balance required for HR professionals to remain trusted and supportive while protecting the organization and employees was outstanding. Joni is a lively speaker who keeps the audience fully engaged. Her passion and professionalism are second to none and she provided the audience with practicable solutions they can implement immediately. I would highly recommend Joni for speaking engagements.
— Melinda Brown, Corporate VP Human Resources & Operations, AM Pierce & Associates

Joni’s workshop on Communication for Tough Times was educational and energetic. She was able to capture the group’s attention with engaging and interactive information, creating a lively discussion and sharing relevant situations and scenarios. We all walked away with renewed insight and take-aways we can apply immediately. It was time well spent!
— Karen Randazzo, Vice President, RCM&D

Speaking recently to 30 women business owners at SBDC’s December women’s business roundtable at Towson University, Daniels presented her insights on the topic: Energy and Focus: Where it went and how to get it back. Here is was clear that Daniels undoubtedly knew how to effectively engage an audience. Her leadership abilities and facilitation skills evoked earnest, heart-felt and productive conversations which brought lucidity and insight to a group of confident women entrepreneurs ready to collaborate about issues in common.
— Marcia Bennett, Training and Marketing Director, Small Business Development Center – Central Region, Towson, MD

We have worked with Joni on three occasions and she has presented Power Tools to over 250 of our clients representing over 20,000 participants. She receives nothing but rave reviews for her energy, ability to communicate and present concepts and tools that are easy to implement and apply. In addition, Joni has proven that she can impact a diversity of organizations and people from administrative professionals to senior managers.
— Taavo Godfredsen, Senior Vice President, Targeted Learning Corporation

When Joni addressed students, faculty, staff and our business partners about the issues facing multiple generations in the workforce, she conveyed the importance of being open minded about differences and used examples that everyone understood. One attendee remarked that “The biggest takeaway for me was to proactively ‘step out of my generational X box’ and try to connect with colleagues of different generations to gain a better understanding of them.” Joni Daniels, as always, provided the group with detailed information, solutions, and options for dealing with this new challenge in the workforce.
— Laleh Malek, M.M.S., Director of Professional Experience, College of Business and Economics, Towson University

Working with Joni was a joy. Her keynote presentation on Power Tools® for Women was right on target for our women’s conference. It had the right amount of serious advice and humor to convey important messages and keep the audience interest. Many conference participants stated in their evaluations that Joni’s presentation, coupled with her book, would help in their professional and personal development.
— Constance Walker, Annual Conference Chair, PPL Women’s Network

Joni Daniels is a dynamic and engaging speaker that enthralls her audience with facts, mixed with humor and music. Her unique presentation format involves interaction among participants, building rapport and knowledge sharing. This technique both reinforces her message and illustrates the generational differences in the room. She provides very powerful strategies and useful techniques for building better communication skills between teams and team members.
— Vicki Franz, Publisher/Founder I95 BUSINESS Chair, Professional Women’s Group of Hunt Valley Business Forum

Joni’s presentation approach to a group of senior women in law and business was innovative and humorous. She connected well with the audience and they left motivated and inspired by what they heard. Indeed, many were still talking about it in the days and weeks that followed. I would recommend Joni without hesitation.
— Liz Shampnoi, Director, Dispute and Forensic Services, Stout Risus Ross Inc. 

Practical and insightful.
— Edwin Warfield, CEO, CityBizList

I engaged Joni because I wanted help managing the massive cultural changes that needed to take place within my organization, with several staff that needed take on new roles and several others that needed to be coached to perform their existing roles more effectively. Joni helped me gain clarity on what I wanted and needed from my team and gave me the language to communicate those requirements more effectively. She helped me to sharpen my own personal judgment and vision which in turn positively impacted my leadership team. Joni helped me “articulate my gut” – taking what I intuitively “know” and translating it into language that can be used for coaching and development. It is a powerful skill. Joni not only has this skill but is adept at helping to build this capacity in others. I highly recommend her.
— Tenille Ademiluvi, Executive Director Rehabilitation Opportunities, Inc.

The economic turmoil over the last two years required us to institute unexpected changes that often were unwelcome to both staff and clients. Moving our organization forward in requires strong team cohesion. Joni uses humor and example to demonstrate that all of us are resistant to change but it may manifest it differently. She uses multiple techniques to help us discover on an individual and collective basis, what “monsters” will manifest to impede progress and disrupt previously collegial relationships. More importantly she provides the tools to move through it and doesn’t let you get away with just sweeping trouble into the closet.
— Shirley Bigley LaMotte, CEO, Baltimore Reads Inc.

Joni strikes a wonderful balance between tough love and support, between pushing her clients and being a resource. Her approach is real-world and accessible. Many of our Managers found her training to be the best they’d ever experienced. I would absolutely use her again.
— Marjorie Rodgers Cheshire, Executive Vice President, A&R Companies

“Joni is an exciting and very knowledgeable educator who communicates well to the audience she is training. We used Joni’s services for a kick off meeting in January 2011 for Property Managers regarding Change Management – a topic we felt was needed for the leaders in our organization to prepare them for taking on the challenges of a restructured organization as well as one that is growing at a very fast pace.. The feedback I received from the managers was fabulous. They were excited and utilized several of Joni’s coined phrases from the training. We are a better team and organization due to her program.”
— Shay Dugan, Director of Operations, A&R Companies

Joni designed a customized course for us called “Polished Presentation Skills” which was delivered to leaders and future leaders in our organization. One of the most helpful parts of the class was the interactive portion. Employees received immediate, effective feedback on how to improve. It was amazing how much improvement people made in a short time. We will be sure to use Joni again in future trainings.
— Kim Theobald, Director of Human Resources, SC&H Group, Inc.

Joni Daniels is expert in generational impact and will inform your team on how to leverage those differences and positively Influence your company’s human capital strategies. She will transform the way you think about people in an engaging and entertaining way.
— Barbara Gassaway, President, The Research Group

I highly recommend Joni Daniels for any team or leadership work with your organization. My team is made up of competent, mission-driven, passionate people, but we sometimes struggled with feeling inefficient and misaligned in our work. Through our full day session led by Joni, we came to uncover and understand where we were in our team’s development and identified short-term and long-term strategies to maximize the ways we approached our work and interacted with each other while in this stage; knowing that consistently enacting these strategies and team norms will advance us to the next phase in our development.
— Charelle James, Executive Director, Urban Teachers/Baltimore