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“Joni is the consummate professional and our organization has benefited from her programs numerous times.”

Daniels & Associates is committed to delivering quality programs and services that are customized to your needs. Our goal is to create a partnership with our clients to help them achieve their objectives. We are experienced in designing programs, projects and processes that meet the specific needs of our clients in areas such as change management, leadership and team development, persuasive presentations, communication, motivation and empowerment. Since 1989, Daniels & Associates has worked with clients around the country, helping individuals and teams communicate and perform more effectively. Every client has unique needs, so all of our programs can be customized to meet your specific goals and objectives. The ability to tap into power is critical for both personal and professional success. Whether it is for individuals or organizations, our focus is to provide our clients with the tools and skills needed to reach their full potential. Program Benefits:

  • Designed with outcomes in mind
  • Customized programs and materials based on client goals and objectives
  • Responsive to participant needs
  • Focus on the developmental process of training
  • Encourage interactive participation
  • Relevant and practical application
  • Executive Overviews and Follow-Up Clinics offered

View a complete list of training programs [PDF] The Result: Highly interactive, results-oriented programs customized to meet client needs. Leadership Development & Performance Management:

  • Assessment – We will conduct an appraisal of leadership skills at every level within the organization, identifying leader development needs, the key challenges that exist now and in the future.
  • Program Development – We will help you to develop a sustainable leadership program that builds on a foundation of a needs assessment and key skills,  and provides both educational development and opportunities for leaders-in-training to apply new skills in a practical context to gain experience and credibility. We can also create a program of current-trend content that fits efficiently into an existing curriculum.
  • Leadership Training – We will help management and leaders at all organizational levels develop the basic skills and critical behaviors necessary to successfully lead and influence others.
  • Performance Management – Clear feedback and effective communication are the cornerstones of both mentoring and managing. The ability to identify opportunities, get the right tools in the right hands, set a course and then get out of the way is a sign of an effective leader who manages the performance of others effectively. We work with your leadership to develop well articulated standards for employees that align individual and organizational goals, providing guided execution to support the achievement of goals and objectives.
  • Motivation and Mentoring – We will help you connect your leadership style and and motivational theory to achieve behavioral change in professionals.

Why choose Daniels & Associates? By developing effective leaders at all levels of your organization, you will become more productive internally and more competitive in the marketplace.

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