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What do YOU mean?

A frustrated training participant reports that he’s coming to the end of his rope with the ‘higher ups.” They tell him he has a ‘voice’ and he has been using it as much as he can to ask for things and describe situations that require attention. He’s used humor, kidding, teasing, reminding — all to no avail. His frustration grows when he is repeatedly reminded that ‘he has a voice.’

I suggest that what he has not done and should try is to ask what is meant when they tell him that ‘he has a voice.’

What does he think it means? That when he speaks he will be listened to and some action that aligns with his expectation will result.

What does it look like they mean? That he should speak up.

Pretty different definitions

I sure get his frustration. If we define terms and concepts differently, the outcomes are likely to be different that our hopes and expectations.

So first clear up the miscommunication. Then see if the result can be improved.

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