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Why Not Refresh Your Brand Now?

social-1148035_640A few of my clients are re-energized this month, and it’s not because fall is in the air. They took a step back, did some creative reflection, and re-branded. How many of us think about making a pivot to refresh and re-calibrate in order to connect to clients and customers in a new way?  You could create an updated and fresh message that connects more powerfully that produces an actionable response on your customer’s part to buy!

If you find yourself wondering about how you might re-engineer your business, division, department, team, brand, or even your own personal professional brand to bring new clients to your door, why wait? Now is a great time to consider a few strategies to employ so that you hit the ground running sooner rather than later.

Listen to an Invested Focus Group – Gather a group of your best customers, prospective customers, coworkers, employees, mentors. Ask them for ideas about how to revamp the brand. Are there ideas that require little or no money? It can be a nice surprising to hear ideas that are small to implement and garner a huge improvement.

Focus More – Once you have a slew of ideas focus in on the ones that will result in savings for your customers (internal OR external) or provide the best value to them, and what might bring in new customers.

Add Extras – Look at how you can include ‘extras’ that benefit customers and will bring more old and new clients to your door/website/portal. How about a newsletter, a discount for quantity, or a free initial consultation/assessment?

Pair Up – Could you make your brand compatible with another product or service? Can you reduce the time frame if clients are rushed or have a shortened lead time? Can you offer more than one price point so that a customer can buy a basic service/product to start the relationship? Make it easy for customers to use you.

Revamp Your Customer Base – A wider customer base can make up for a sluggish market or the need to create new products or services. Are their potential clients out in the marketplace that might use your service/product if you just tweaked your marketing pitch a little bit? Are there other departments that might make the investment?

We all need to review and revamp from time to time no matter how perfect or well entrenched the brand, product, or service. Giving some though to it now can energize the end of the year, not to mention the planning you will do for 2017. Rather than waiting around, you can be actively getting word out.


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