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WMAR Good Morning Maryland @9

If you are prepared, there is no such thing as a ‘tough interview question.’ Anticipate the challenging inquiries and create answers that will allow you to come across as polished and professional. And those illegal questions that in training I advise managers to avoid?? If you don’t answer it, you might appear rude or stand-offish to the interviewer. Employers shouldn’t ask these kinds of questions but some do, either to intentionally discriminate or innocently through ignorance of the law. Smart candidates (like you) are prepared to respond gracefully and concisely. Don’t point out that they have just asked you an illegal question! Stay calm. This shows them that you can handle yourself with dignity and professionalism.

Today’s visit to WMAR held an added bonus/surprise. As I’m sitting and waiting to go on, I see this man who looks familiar walking up the hall and I hear on the TV monitor that Jamie Costello will be interviewing Earl (The Pearl) Monroe on the show later in the morning! As we walks towards me I stand and grin and clasp his hand, introducing myself and when he say’s “I’m Earl Monroe,” I try not to gush, ramble, and kvell (could be the name of new law firm!) as I tell him that I know, why is he on the program, I’m a huge fan, the 73-74 NY Knicks were the best team ever, I also lived in Philadelphia, how is he feeling, where does he live now, does he ever see the guys from the old team —-.” He was gracious, answered all my questions, asked what I did and why I was on the program and asked for my card (he didn’t have any).

I didn’t want to take up too much of his time and I wanted to send emails from my Blackberry telling my husband, brothers, son that I had just met him. (I want to stop talking TO you so I can tell people I talked to you!!) When my youngest brother emailed back that he still had the basketball trading cards of the whole 73-74 team in his office – I shared that as we all went into the studio. Earl tells me that he had gone out to dinner just the other night with Willis Reed and Walt Frasier. These guys were basketball gods to my family growing up. We talked a little bit more about staying in touch with long-time friends. And we both agreed that it was so nice to meet and it just goes to show that, in terms of the future and the potential – you never know!!!”

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