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Your Gopher Hole

This is the time of year when people start to yearn for change.

Not the change that disrupts creates chaos, or wrecks havoc on lives well designed – but for the predictable change that the shift of seasons brings. Tired of the same layers of clothing you’ve been wearing since November? Are you thinking about vacations to take when you won’t have to bring along a coats or hat? Missing football but not quite ready to shift your attention to baseball?

If February and March bring on a malaise you just can’t shake, you have options. Like Punxsutawney Phil, stick your head up out of your own comfortable gopher hole and look around. Being trapped in a predictable routine is not your destiny, and you don’t have to change everything in your life in order to inject a new spring into your step.

Try something new. Sign up for dance lessons, start a book group, raise your hand for a volunteer stint – all of these add something to your life without shifting the whole focus.

Work feeling dull and drab? You don’t have to change jobs to rejuvenate the soul. You can take on a protégé or mentor, get active on a committee in your professional association, or get co-workers involved in one of the many bike rides, walkathons, or races for charity that are coming up this spring.

Unhappy with your look? Nothing changes up your look faster than a hair cut (it grows back). Purge the closet, swap your cast offs for another’s, or have a stylish friend dress you for a week and see what sort of reaction you get.

Want to meet new faces? Take your pup to an obedience school refresher, sign up for a short term (4-6 weeks) non-academic class like cooking lessons, knitting, dancing, or conversational Spanish to meet people who are as curious as you are.

Do what you haven’t done in a while that you use to love to do. Visit the zoo (before the crowds), your favorite museum,  a location that holds a great memory, or a restaurant that you haven’t been to in many years.

Keep a list of places you think you’d like to visit and start working your way down the list. A new restaurant that got a great review, an art exhibit, a historical icon you’ve never actually visited, a store you drive by but have never gone into are all options.

Keep it fresh – it keeps you interesting!

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